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The INNERMOST WATERS: Fishing Cape Cod’s Ponds & Lakes

“Judged #1 BEST BOOK, ALL OUTDOOR CATEGORIES, NEW ENGLAND-WIDE” –New England Outdoor Writers Association

“Beautifully written, an incredibly exhaustive guide” –Cape Codder Newspaper, Laurie Higgins

“Sparkling chapters! Great, witty, with a superb chapter and one of the best discussions I’ve ever read on how to go about fishing with kids.” –Cape Cod Times, Molly Benjamin

“A MUST-HAVE reference. Immensely informative.” –MASS Wildlife Magazine, Peter Mirick

“Impressive. Great humor. A keeper!” –The Cape Cod Voice, Michael Lee

TROUT & Salmon Lakes of CT & How to Fish Them

“An awesome book! Truly beautifully done and man, is it loaded with information.” –Jim Mattingly, Publisher, RedBook Atlas

“Peter Budryk’s new book is a terrific example of a regional fishing guide that reveals the hard-won lessons of local lore which are the keys to taking fish at any particular place and time. This is an important book.” –John Merwin, Senior Editor, Field & Stream

“This book is a dandy!” –Lefty Kreh, Dean of American sports fishermen and outdoor writers

“Judged a Best Book, All Outdoor Categories, New England-Wide.” –Author’s 2nd such award by the New England Outdoor Writers Association